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1) What made you decide to start skydiving?
I realized I wanted to skydive when I was 5 years old and saw the power rangers skydiving in the power rangers film.

2) How long have you been a skydiver?
I have been jumping off and on for a little over 3 years now.

3) How many jumps do you have?
I have just over 150 jumps.

Nadia (center) boards the plane with Team Blackstar skydivers in North Carolina ( Photo credit: Danielle Williams)

Nadia (center) boards the plane with Team Blackstar skydivers in North Carolina (Photo credit: Danielle Williams)

4) What container and parachute are you currently jumping? What was your progression?
I jump a vintage mirage that has been handed down from 3 other TBS members and my canopy is a Sabre- 2, 170.

5) Do you have any cutaways? How many?
I have not had a cutaway yet

6) What type of skydiving do you enjoy (RW, big way, crew, FF, swooping, etc.)?
I live freeflying! Eventually I want to learn how to Wingsuit.

7) What’s your home drop zone?
Technically Skydive Paraclete XP but I like to travel from DZ to DZ.

8) Do you come from an outdoor family? What does your family think of your decision to start skydiving?
I do not come from an outdoor family. It has been a constant struggle getting them to accept what I do. At this point, most of them think I am crazy for doing this, but I think crazy and genius have very much in common ;)

9) Have you participated in any record jumps? If so what were they?
I participated in a TBS record jump back in 2016.

10) What do you like best about skydiving?
The overwhelming peace that overcomes me as I am up in sky and the feeling of the wind blowing on my fingertips is what draws me to the sport. Also seeing people smile with joy mid- air is quite wonderful to experience.

Photo credit: Danielle Williams

Photo credit: Danielle Williams

11) What does Team Blackstar mean to you?
Team Blackstar has been an open door for me. Through this group I have been able to connect to other people of color that are killing it in the sport. I have made lifelong friends in this groups and have found wonderful skydiving mentors. I also align with the purpose of TBS. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable/ lonely being one of a handful of minorities in your drop zone. Through TBS I have been able to meet others who feel the same way and open up conversation of the importance of diversity in skydiving and exposure of the sport to younger people of color.

12) What is the most challenging thing you’ve ever done as a skydiver? What was the scariest?
My landings have been one of my biggest struggles in skydiving, they still are not perfect! My scariest experience was the first time I landed off the drop zone. I seriously had no clue where I was!

Nadia sitflying over Skydive Paraclete in North Carolina ( Photo credit: Elliot Byrd).

Nadia sitflying over Skydive Paraclete in North Carolina (Photo credit: Elliot Byrd).