anthony sierra

1) What made you decide to start skydiving?
I went for a tandem in 2013 as a bucket list item and immediately became hooked.

2) How long have you been a skydiver?
Technically 2013. But my real answer is January 2017. I quit the sport soon after joining…. and after some very interesting life decisions, i threw myself back in 100% in 2017.

3) How many jumps do you have? 


4) What container and parachute are you currently jumping? What was your progression?
UPT Vector Micron V306 (named T’Challa)

Crossfire 3-119

The progression to my 119 was sabre 2-190, sabre 2-170, sabre 2-135, katana 135, pilot 111, crossfire 3-119

5) Do you have any cutaways? How many?
No, not yet.

6) What type of skydiving do you enjoy (RW, big way, crew, FF, swooping, etc.)?
As long as it's with friends, I'll do all of it.

7) What’s your home drop zone?
Skydive the Farm (Georgia)

8) Do you come from an outdoor family? What does your family think of your decision to start skydiving?
No, we are city peeps. My family loves it. My father has 81 military static line jumps. My mother has 2 tandems and my brother has 1 tandem that I shot video for.

9) Have you participated in any record jumps? If so what were they?
No, not yet.

10) What do you like best about skydiving? 
I love that it builds confidence in oneself. Every jump (even with people) you are on your own and must trust yourself and your training to stay calm and save your life.

11) Why is Team Blackstar important? 
TBS highlights accomplishments not only to people that are the majority in the sport, but to POC across the world and breaks down stereotypes and barriers we often hear from all sides.

12) What is the most challenging thing you’ve ever done as a skydiver? What was the scariest? 
Getting back into sport after stepping away for sometime.

Also, the first solo jump after completing AFF.

13) If you’re a sponsored athlete please list your sponsors.
Die Epic